Free For YOU! Amazing Silence TV Channel

Quarantined for the time, the wonderful Dutch TV channel “Silence TV” is open for free viewing all over the world. You can watch now. Enjoy and comment!

Silence TV” is a unique channel, because we do not only offer slow TV, but also an opportunity to observe different peoples’ hobbies. Dive into this subtle world of relaxing and, for example, watch doing yoga. Perhaps you will get involved yourself and perform some of the asanas.

Silence TV Free

We offer you to watch slow yet interesting processes. You will never be bored with “Silence TV” TV channel, because we offer a wide range of topics. Slow TV is not just a repeating video of a burning fireplace or running river. The idea is to show an attractive action and environment. Videos are informative, at the same time they influence our feelings and emotions, that is why viewers get interested in watching them. In addition, such videos help people relax and unwind.

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